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Next Meeting: 11th January 2018 at Stour Provost Village Hall

The Stours is a grouped Parish Council, situated in North Dorset and includes the four parishes of East Stour, Stour Provost, Todber and West Stour.The river Stour is a major influence on the four parishes that make up the parish council and from which the council gets its name. The four parishes do, however, have their own unique characteristics - go to 'About the Stours'  to find out more. 

The audit documents for the year ending 2016/2017 can now be viewed via the links on the 'Transparency Information' page    05 June 2017

What’s happening in the Stours ?

Stour Vale Walkers:

Our footpath officer, Martin Hibbert, has formed the Stour Vale Walkers which organises monthly walks in the stours and surrounding parishes.  All welcome - for information go to the website http:/www.stourvalewalkers.uk/. or contact Martin (see our 'contact us' page)

East Stour:  Moviola film nights monthly in East Stour Village Hall - for info and tickets contact Julia Gould on 01747 838788 


 West Stour


 Stour Row: Coffee Mornings  - every Thursday 10am - 12 noon in Village Hall


Stour Provost: - 


Todber:  - 

Residents ofTodber are receiving parish notices by e-mail via 'mailchimp'. If you would like to sign up to the circulation list please go to http://eepurl.com/baghnH com/baghnH