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Meetings and Policy Documents -
Meetings are on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm
Next meeting:- 13th September 2018 at Stour Provost Village Hall;  

Agendas & MinutesPolicy Documents

Agenda Minutes  12/07/2018 

Agenda Minutes  10/05/2018  Annual Meeting

Agenda Minutes  08/03/2018 

Agenda Minutes  11/01/2018 

Agenda Minutes  09/11/2017 

Agenda Minutes  14/09/2017

Agenda  Minutes  13/07/2017 

Agenda  Minutes   11/05/2017  Annual Meeting

Agenda  Minutes  09/03/2017      

Agenda  Minutes   12/01/2017 

Agenda  Minutes   10/11/2016

Agenda  Minutes   08/09/2016 

Agenda  Minutes   14/07/2016

Agenda  Minutes   12/05/2016 Annual Meeting

Agenda  Minutes   10/03/2016

Agenda   Minutes  14/01/2016

Agenda  Minutes   12/11/2015

Agenda  Minutes   10/09/2015

Agenda  Minutes   09/07/2015 
Agenda  Minutes   14/05/2015 Annual Meeting
Agenda  Minutes   12/03/2015
Agenda  Minutes   08/01/2015
Agenda  Minutes    11/09/2014
Agenda  Minutes    10/07/2014
Agenda  Minutes    08/05/2014 Annual Meeting  
Agenda  Minutes    13/03/2014   
Agenda  Minutes    27/01/2014   
Agenda  Minutes    09/01/2014
Agenda   Minutes   14/11/2013 
Agenda   Minutes   12/09/2013
Agenda   Minutes   11/07/2013
Agenda   Minutes   09/05/2013 Annual Meeting
Agenda   Minutes   14/03/2013 
Agenda   Minutes   10/01/2013
Agenda   Minutes   08/11/2012
Agenda   Minutes   13/09/2012
Agenda   Minutes   10/05/2012 Annual Meeting

 The Stours Parish Council has adopted the model publication scheme provided by the Information Commissioners Office. For information on the scheme go to:- CLCK HERE


For the Council's Standing Orders 

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For the Council's Standing Orders - Appendix - Grouping Order

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For the Councils Financial Regulations

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