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The Stours Parish Council  -  Transparency Code 

As a Parish Council we are legally required to make certain information available to the public.

The following list shows how we meet our obligations on transparency, what we do and where you can find the information.

We also have a Publication Scheme which gives information on other documents we make available and how you can obtain copies of this information on the council’s work.

It is a requirement that information is published on a website which is accessible free of charge to the public.  This parish council website fulfils this requirement.

Details of items of expenditure over £100, including the date the expenditure was incurred, the purpose of the expenditure, the amount, and whether VAT can be recovered.

 Income & Expenditure 2019/20 









 Income & Expenditure 2018/19 

November / December

July / August 

May / June 



Income & Expenditure 2017/18

 May / June 

end of year

 Please click on the link below to see 2016/17 spends.



 Audit Documents 2018/19

 Notice Conclusion of Audit

Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) Section 3

Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR)  Sections 1 & 2

Annual Internal Audit Report 

Public Rights notice

Public Rights Summary 

Bank Reconciliation

Expenditure Items £100 & over 

 Audit Documents 2017/18 

Public Rights Notice 

Public Rights explanation (1)

Public Rights explanation (2) 

Annual Governance Statement - sec. 1

Annual Governance Statement - sec.2

 Annual Internal Inspection Report 






Annual Return 2016/17 Explanation 

/TheStours-PC/UserFiles/Files/Audit ye17.pdf 

Annual Governance Statement 2016/17  Please click on the link below  


 Accounting Statements 2016/17  Please click on the link below


 Internal Audit Report 2016/17  Please click on the link below


Bank Reconcilliation 2016/17 


External Auditor's Report 2016/17